Tania F.

“This autumn I had the pleasure of receiving an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage treatment from Blandine; it was such a beautiful experience! Working with a specially selected blend of oils, chosen to complement my Ayurvedic constitution, and creating a safe, warm space (in every sense), my body and soul were able to relax (in the midst of a stressful period in my life) and receive the most sweet combination of gentle yet powerful bodywork and confident strength and sensitivity through her touch. Blandine brings her natural gentle warmth, professionalist and a lovely energy of quiet strength, power and groundedness to all of her work: from the first touch I knew I was in very good hands, and felt so very nurtured and held throughout this experience. Merci beaucoup Blandine, for sharing your gifts! I look forward to receiving many more massage treatments from you in the future!”